Sunday, August 17, 2008

I can see the floor again

Today I was able to see what the floor looked like again. It has been awhile. There's not much of it, we started with 1300 square feet, and added beds, couches, two tables (OK so one is very small and is only tall enough for those under 36 inches to use), I think we are down to about 300 square feet plus or minus. This means that we all have to take turns walking around so that we don't knock each other down, and if we have company well we may be visiting out in the hall but there is very nice breeze there so I don't think they will mind. The best part about having only a small area is that we are getting to know each other even better, because there is no play room to send the kids for that ten minutes of pure happiness. All in all we are loving this new little place. Amy has made it into a home.