Sunday, July 17, 2011

What have we been up to?

Let's start with some birthdays. Sarah turned 8 this year and had a fun friends party. There was a lot of squealing going on with all those girls!

And of course, she was most excited about getting baptized.

And then our baby girl, Grace, turned 4 in March. I can't believe how big she's getting!

And then in April, after 3 years of sacrifice and hard work, Shawn graduated from Law School!

Then, we moved to Olympia, Washington, for Shawn to work at the Thurston County Prosecuting Attorneys Office and study for the bar exam. We are living in my parent's house while they are serving a mission in Switzerland. We are definitely enjoying the Pacific Northwest!

Grace and I tagged along on Anders' field trip to the Point Defiance Zoo. It was a pretty wet day, but the kids had a blast and it was the most exciting day I've had at the zoo, including wrestling polar bears, a dancing elephant and a birthday party for the 1 year old twin tiger cubs. Here's a few pics:

And then our sweet boy, Jacob, turned 6 in June and is enjoying his birthday present. Even with all his missing teeth :)

And then we finished the school year with Jacob "graduating" from Kindergarten. He is such a cutie!